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The Free Bird Golf Club

Designed to offer amateur golfers a "Digital" golf club experience based on the teachings of the legendary golf instructor Manuel de la Torre. His pupil for over 20 years, Brett "Free Bird" Freeman, will reproduce what he was taught regarding this simple, proven and profound golf swing methodology.

We will continue to offer new products in the "Pro Shop", Podcasts and golf news in the "Grill", as well as update the Free instructional videos from the "Range". Simply enter your email to join the Free Bird Golf Club and receive the password to enter the public "Range". 

For the serious golfer who really wants to "Let it Fly" like an Eagle on the course, the Free Bird "Eagles Club" is coming soon! Benefits of this private club include...

  • Extended and detailed Free Bird Golf video lessons
  • Q & A sessions every month for members
  • Member of the Month video swing analysis
  • Interviews with Brett on Manuels teachings
  • Discounts for various products in the Pro Shop
  • The Club - A Users Manuel - Free with Eagles Membership
  • Only $10 per month!