- Mission Statement -

"Golf should be enjoyed much more than it is! Because it's been made so difficult"

- Manuel da la Torre


Brett "Free Bird" Freeman

After playing golf in college, Brett "Free Bird" Freeman knew he wanted to teach. He was and still is a great player, but helping others with their game is his greatest satisfaction. Brett was introduced to a legendary PGA instructor that would change his career, and life...

Manuel de la Torre (World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame/PGA Golf Professional Golf Hall of Fame) made the biggest impact on Brett’s life, who personally mentored Brett for over 20 years.

From then on his teachings have mirrored Mr. de la Torre’s  methods, based on the Ernest Jones’s Swing Principles that club movement is more important than body movement.

Five of his students have gone on to win State Championships and one student still holds the high school state scoring record. Brett has also seen 70 of his students receive college scholarships to play golf after high school.

Brett Freeman is a husband, and father from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He enjoys hunting, fishing and most importantly teaching golf. His passion for teaching what he believes to be the proper way to swing a golf club, prompted him to create the Free Bird Golf digital club.


Manuel de la Torre

Manuel was born Oct. 6, 1921, above his father's golf shop in Madrid, Spain. Angel de la Torre was Spain's first golf professional and a six-time Spanish Open champion. One of Angel's close friends was famed English teacher Ernest Jones, and Manuel de la Torre's swing philosophy borrowed from both.

A fine player, de la Torre won the Illinois state individual title while at Highland Park High School and finished runner-up at the 1942 NCAA Championship while at Northwestern University.

In 1986, de la Torre was named the inaugural PGA of America's National Teacher of the Year. In 2005, he became just the 12th member of the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame. And in 2006, he was inducted into the PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame with, among others, Jack Nicklaus.

He also wrote an excellent instructional book, "Understanding the Golf Swing," which was published in 2001 after he spent a decade working on it.

But he might have toiled in obscurity if not for his close association with Carol Mann, a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame who counts the 1965 U.S. Women's Open among her 38 tournament titles.

Many of today's top teachers have been influenced to some degree by de la Torre's philosophies. Before David Leadbetter became a household name, he sat in de la Torre's PGA seminars as a young teacher living out of his car.

The club-focused instruction long advocated by de la Torre and Jones prior to him has now been validated by new research performed by Dr. Gabrieale Wulf at the University of Las Vegas and by Dr. Bob Christina at the University of North Carolina. In their studies players of all skill levels improved faster when given club-focused instruction.

Manuel was not only an incredible teacher of the golf swing, a simple and repeatable golf swing, but a great human being...

- October 6, 1921 - April 25, 2016 -



“You Have a club, and you have a target. Make the two meet and the ball will follow"